e are proud to represent the state of Maine and the Maine lobster industry. I remember growing up in my Scarborough, Maine neighborhood of Pine Point and seeing lobstermen returning from a long or difficult day at work. This was something I admired, a trait I believe helped mold me, and something that stays with both of us today. Hard work is just that…hard. If you want positive results in life, you must put in the hours. While neither of us are lobstermen, you can’t grow up where we did and not understand the impact of this industry on so many people’s lives.

"The earth is what we all have in common."

- Wendell Berry

Cousins Maine Lobster is proud to only serve products from Maine. When we started the business, we knew we wanted to support those men and women who work so hard to produce the iconic product we grew up with. Not only is Maine lobster the best tasting lobster in the world, the Maine lobster fishery is one of the most sustainable wild-capture fisheries in the world. This means that each lobster roll we serve throughout this country was caught off the coast of Maine and held to the highest measures of sustainability. By exclusively sourcing from Maine businesses and constantly highlighting Maine as the leader of this industry, we aim to be a small part of a critical, growing industry. We are proud to have Cousins Maine Lobster and our customers at the end of an intricate supply chain that supports thousands of Maine fishing families and independent lobster businesses that sustain the coastal economy in the state we love so much. When you support Cousins Maine Lobster you can feel good for buying a classic American businesses.

We Continuosly Help and Support our Local Community

When you order from Cousins Maine Lobster you are not only supporting a family owned business, you are supporting those in Maine who have devoted their lives towards the betterment of the Maine lobster industry.